High Performance Principles

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New E-book: High Performance Principles

New e-book: High Performance Principles

Since writing a series of ‘How to’ articles several years ago, our 7 Steps Toward Total Car Control have proved to be a popular download with visitors to this website. I have long wanted to do something more with this,…

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An Interesting End To The Year

An interesting end to the year

The wide diversity of cars and clients we are fortunate to spend time with at Total Car Control give me great pleasure, and in just the last couple of weeks we have helped clients in cars ranging from a 12…

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We asked, you spoke, we listen

Listening to our customers and providing exactly what you want is at the heart of all we do, so a huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to email me with your comments on our new website;…

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Understeer and oversteer kept simple

Whilst all sports car drivers are familiar with the terms understeer and oversteer, there appear to be many misconceptions as to quite what each term means or just what causes such issues, so here’s a quick introduction. Quite simply, understeer…

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Optimum Speed In To Bends

Optimum speed in to bends

This is all about ‘reading the road’ and understanding visual limit points. The limit point is our furthest uninterrupted view of the physical road ahead; usually where the road enters a bend. Visually, it is where the two sides of…

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ESP explained

The Electronic Stability Programme fitted to the majority of modern era sports cars (also variously named DSC, MSP, PSM, CST etc), is a highly advanced system from Bosch that car makers then fine-tune to best suit the handling properties and…

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Time For Change

Time for change

Whilst the UK legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm across the central three-quarters of a tyre and around its full circumference, we recommend to our customers that tyres are replaced once the tread depth reaches 3mm. This goes for all…

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