High Performance Principles

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Using private, world-class driving venues, away from the restrictions and hazards of public roads, enables us to help you develop the techniques to enjoy the performance and attributes of your vehicle, plus understand its limitations.

Bespoke courses: all about what you want to achieve

Safely develop great skill and confidence

Drive to your full potential, and that of your car

Just you, your car, an expert trainer and a great venue

Course Content

Whether you want to gain the confidence to fully enjoy your first powerful car or already have great experience and knowledge but now wish to move on to a higher level, we will tailor a course that is right for you.  As such, every day is different, but here are some of the key ways in which we can help you…

  • Maximise your enjoyment, satisfaction and safety from your sports car every time you drive it.
  • Understand the physical forces acting upon your vehicle and how your actions as a driver affect its behaviour, in order to optimise handling.
  • Develop your use of the controls so as to master performance driving techniques including high speed cornering, trail-braking and left-foot braking.
  • Enhance understanding and best use of your transmission, whether through heel-and-toe downshifts in a manual or accurate paddle-shifting in an automated manual.
  • Learn skid control and avoidance, plus wet weather handling.
  • Master the graceful art and finesse of power-sliding (drifting), if desired.
  • Understand and practice emergency avoidance techniques, in case one day needed to escape another driver’s mistake.
  • Discover how to take full advantage of your car’s handling and active safety technology.
  • Prepare for track days or competitive driving, if appropriate.
  • Develop your driving skills to an extremely high level, in order to safely enjoy the performance of your sports car in all conditions.

I really did not believe that I could learn that much about driving, and am a little embarrassed as I thought I already knew a fair bit.   

D. Westinghouse

It was a real eye opener, helping me to appreciate the potential of my car and how subtle driving techniques can greatly add to driving enjoyment.   

S. Christodoulou

I learnt more in a day than in all the track days I have done put together.   

S. Oliver

Any good and well planned class is only as good as the teacher, and this is where Ivan really comes up trumps… It really is a case of the teacher makes all the difference.   

W. Lester

Your training technique was engaging and at a pace that suited me perfectly – I feel far more confident behind the wheel now than before, and know just what my XKR’s limits are.

D. Dumaresq-Lucas

Spending the day with Ivan has had a fundamental and permanent impact on my driving. It was a great day, great fun and I’ll certainly be back for another.   

J. Gordon

I am now confident in the car’s ability, able to drive in such a way as to keep it stable at all speeds and enjoying myself tremendously.   

T. Hughes

What a day! I wanted to gain confidence based on skill and understanding to enjoy my car to the full, and am so glad I chose TCC.   

M. Damsell

It’s such a sensational feeling to have the car drifting gently through corners, on the limit of grip and with the throttle floored… I’m still grinning a week later!   

E. Raja

Training Format

High performance driver coaching that is all about you and your car
  • Courses are available midweek and at weekends.
  • Your course will be just that – yours: we never expect you to share any element of your course with other clients.
  • Training is usually run on a one-to-one format, though you are welcome to share your course with a partner.
  • We can also accommodate group courses using several or more trainers; ideal for owners’ clubs.
  • Your car will have individual handling traits which are important to understand, hence all training will be conducted in your own car for ultimate benefit.

Training Location

Dynamic Handling Masterclasses are predominantly held at Millbrook Proving Ground, featuring track facilities that are amongst the finest available anywhere in the world.

Located near Bedford and just an hour from London, Millbrook is a 700 acre site that includes some of the most interesting, dynamically challenging and ultimately rewarding driving roads to be found.  Specifically designed and built for rigorously testing and developing new cars, the various test tracks are based upon genuine roads; making them far more useful for high performance driver training than any racing circuit, let alone old airfield.


Price and Booking

Secure your bespoke Masterclass today and start enjoying your sports car to the full.
7 hours of intensive coaching to help become ‘as one’ with your sports car.
Includes lunch and refreshments.

£925 + VAT