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High Performance Driving Course Options For

Asma Khanam

Developing your existing skills to achieve the full potential of your Nissan GTR, and maximise your enjoyment, pace, confidence and safety all year round

Dear Asma,

Please browse through this proposal and let me know if you have any questions, or if you’d like to go ahead and book your preferred Masterclass option.

General Training Objectives

  • To make significant and permanent improvements to your car control, whatever standard you are already at.
  • We achieve this by providing you with essential knowledge to safely enjoy your car's full potential, including:
    • Making best use of the engine, gears, brakes and steering
    • Maintaining balance, stability and grip through bends
    • Understanding and using your car’s technology and settings (as appropriate)
    • When grip is exceeded (accurately responding to understeer and oversteer)
    • When ESC is triggered, and when disengaged (if desired)
    • Reading the road in detail, to develop a safe, swift and precise driving style
    • Gaining control of your whole driving environment for much greater safety
  • Optimise safety, knowledge, confidence and year-round driving pleasure in all conditions.
  • Make driving your sports car ultimately rewarding and satisfying, because owning any great car is so much more fun when you enjoy total car control.

Fundamental Course Options

  • Total Control Masterclass
    • 2, 3 or 5-day courses comprising dynamic handling skills and on road application
  • Dynamic Driving Masterclass
    • 1, 2 or 3-day courses to provide a crucial and solid foundation in high performance car control

Which Course is Best For you?

  • If you want to explore your car’s handling characteristics and roadholding limits, this can only be done either on a track or, preferably, within the safe confines of a vehicle proving ground.
  • Our Dynamic Driving Masterclasses use the best driver training facilities in the UK to give you the techniques to safely exploit your car’s performance; and with the option to soak areas for wet handling and/or ‘over-limit’ skills.
  • For those wanting to gain the very most from their car, and utmost safety in all conditions, a Total Control Masterclass is highly recommended. Our most popular booking by far, this combines 1, 2 or 3 days of dynamic driving with a day or two of advanced road driving techniques; fully amalgamating the skills gained at the private proving ground into everyday driving for optimum benefit every time you sit behind the wheel.

Why Total Car Control?

  • A completely bespoke service: your course built to your exact wishes and driving ambitions.
  • Our training style is passionate yet relaxed and engaging; all about you and your car.
  • All training is road-related, helping you gain genuine, permanent benefit in real-world driving.
  • Our training is gentle on cars, developing mechanical sympathy to protect your investment.
  • All trainers are fully qualified, with many years’ experience helping sports car drivers like you.
  • Our Masterclass courses come with a total satisfaction guarantee, which means that I’ll happily refund your money if you don't like what we do for you; full details here.

Why Total Car Control?

  • A completely bespoke service: your course built to your exact wishes and driving ambitions.
  • Our training style is passionate yet relaxed and engaging; all about you and your car.
  • All training is road-related, helping you gain genuine, permanent benefit in real-world driving.
  • Our training is gentle on cars, developing mechanical sympathy to protect your investment.
  • All trainers are fully qualified, with many years’ experience helping sports car drivers like you.
  • Our Masterclass courses come with a total satisfaction guarantee, which means that I’ll happily refund your money if you don't like what we do for you; full details in our Terms & Conditions.

Key Training Locations

Millbrook Proving Ground, near Bedford, UK (approximately 1 hour’s drive north of London)

  • Track aspects of our masterclasses are at the renowned and exclusive Millbrook Proving Ground, with unrivalled facilities that are simply ideal for performance driver coaching.
  • This private, 700 acre site is generally closed to the public. Used by many leading sports car makers, it features some of the most interesting, dynamically challenging and ultimately rewarding driving roads to be found.
  • We have long experience at this venue, having worked there for since 2003 with Porsche GB and private clients.
  • Key facilities comprise:
    • Steering Pad / Dynamics Pad
    • Outer Handling Circuit
    • Mile Straight
    • High Speed Circuit
    • Hill Route
  • Other than when manufacturers or exhibition organisers hire Millbrook on an exclusive basis, the venue is available to us at any time, 24/7, year-round (excluding Bank Holidays).
  • The great variety of track facilities, and their dynamic and challenging nature, makes Millbrook by far and away the best all-round venue in the UK for high performance driver coaching.
  • Courses are also available at other venues across the UK and abroad, though Millbrook is so beneficial that we have clients coming from as far afield as Malaysia for training with us there.

Histon, near Cambridge, UK (also approximately 1 hour’s drive north of London)

  • The last day or two of each Total Control Masterclass is on-road, and typically starts from a country hotel near Cambridge, benefitting from a wide variety of fabulous driving roads nearby.
  • There is also the option to coach you on your own favourite roads if you prefer. Costs for this depend on location and logistics, but anything is possible.
  • With clients across the globe we can also, when appropriate, provide courses internationally; particularly on-road so as to make our coaching directly tailored to clients’ native roads. As you’ll appreciate, such courses are completely bespoke and costed on an individual basis.

Millbrook Proving Ground

Masterclass Overview

  • Masterclass courses usually start at 09:00 and end at 16:00, but times can readily be adjusted to your requirements. Each course is dedicated to you and you alone, providing intensive, tailored coaching in your own car. We work at your pace, with the objective of greatly stretching your comfort zone (based on skill, technique and understanding), without ever shattering it.
  • Courses can be shared with a partner if desired, providing your car has sufficient seating, though this would of course greatly reduce the intensity of your own training; making the course more of an introduction rather than the usual Masterclass.
  • I cannot emphasise enough that everything we do is tailored to each customer’s precise requirements, learning objectives and driving ambitions; our courses are all about you, and what you want to achieve from your time with us. As such, please do discuss these things with me, to ensure we deliver your perfect Masterclass.
  • I would also emphasise that our courses are about giving you knowledge, technique and total control of your sports car. There is absolutely zero pressure or expectation for you to drive your pride and joy any faster or harder than you wish to: our role is to look after you and your car. This is all about working with your car, not fighting or abusing it; so there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you will need new tyres or brakes etc afterwards as a result of your course.

Typical Coaching Activities at Millbrook

Steering Pad / Dynamics Pad

  • Millbrook’s large circular Steering Pad or separate Dynamics Pad can be soaked (at a small additional cost) to significantly reduce grip levels when appropriate. Wet or dry, the pads are excellent for understanding the causes and effects of understeer and oversteer skids; how to correct them, and how to avoid them in the first place.
  • There are various ‘tracks’ painted onto the Steering Pad, the most useful to us being the High G Cornering Circuit, effectively an elongated ‘Figure 8’ course. It is ideal for exploring the effects of weight transfer on mechanical grip, and how to balance your car for stability and safety through corners; introducing key techniques such as trail braking and left foot braking, as appropriate, to help your car maintain front end grip and precision when entering corners quickly.

Outer Handling Circuit

  • This is a technically demanding and intoxicating 0.8 mile stretch of concrete road that challenges not just the driver but the vehicle’s suspension and grip levels. We use this facility to pull together many elements of dynamics training to produce a smooth, fluid, safe and rapid drive; treating the circuit like a tremendous B-road.

Mile Straight

  • On this area, we can help you understand how your car behaves under high speed emergency braking, both in a straight line and when avoiding a ‘sudden’ hazard. Speeds often far exceed legal limits for public roads, providing you are happy with this, inspiring confidence in your vehicle’s behaviour when maximum effort braking is needed, and instill skills that we all hope we will never need ‘for real’. Still, better to possess a skill you don’t need, than to one day find yourself needing a skill you don't have…

High Speed Circuit

  • Comprising 5 lanes, each with progressively steeper cambers to form a 2-mile circumference banked circle, the High Speed Circuit is another opportunity to build your skills and stretch your comfort zone. We find it particularly useful in changing forever the way most people think about vision, and to recalibrate how your brain processes what your eyes see.
  • Without wearing crash helmets, speeds are limited to a maximum of 130MPH, but that still feels plenty quick enough to most people on a never-ending left bend; especially when combined with the very powerful visual exercises we use in the process. If you have a particularly quick car, and really want to see just how fast it will run, then don’t forget your crash helmet!

Hill Route

  • This technically challenging 4 mile road is often referred to as a mini Nurburgring Nordschleife, with an intoxicating blend of sweeping corners and many steep climbs and descents; together with blind crests and a mixture of positive and negative camber bends. We treat it like another demanding B-road for training, and it is just about perfect for helping drivers develop their forward observation and planning, plus throttle sense and steering techniques: all of which are necessary to maintain vehicle balance and stability for total control and safety.

All track-based training activities relate to high performance car control and Roadcraft as opposed to ‘Racecraft’. Speed frequently plays its part; but the emphasis is firmly on total control and reflects the ways in which you actually use your car every day.

Typical Coaching Activities On-Road

As with dynamic driving days at Millbrook, our on-road coaching is designed around you, your current ability, and what you want to achieve. There is therefore no prescribed syllabus, but the skills and techniques frequently covered include:

  • Advanced observations, anticipation and planning; the ‘System of Car Control’ and Roadcraft.
  • Reading the road and matching speed to vision; including ‘limit point analysis’.
  • Adaptive road positioning and space management; ‘safety bubbles’ & escape routes.
  • Best use of primary and secondary controls, and your vehicle’s active technology.
  • Making safe, smooth, swift progress; including overtaking techniques.
  • Controlling the wider driving environment; communication with and influencing others.

What Will you Gain From your Time With Us?

  • We will give you the confidence and ability, based firmly on knowledge, understanding and skill, to enjoy driving your Nissan GTR to the full, in all conditions, year-round.
  • Every vehicle behaves differently, so knowing your own car's specific characteristics is crucial to your safety, protecting you and your investment in your Nissan GTR.
  • you will gain the most from your Nissan GTR when you enjoy total car control.

Your Investment (including VAT)

  • 2-Day Total Control Masterclass*
    • Day 1: Dynamic Driving at Millbrook Proving Ground
    • Day 2: On-Road Amalgamation (from Cambridge)

£ 1,680

  • 3-Day Total Control Masterclass*
    • Days 1 & 2: Dynamic Driving at Millbrook Proving Ground
    • Day 3: On-Road Amalgamation (from Cambridge)

£ 2,700

  • 5-Day Total Control Masterclass*
    • Days 1,2 & 3: Dynamic Driving at Millbrook Proving Ground
    • Days 4 & 5: On-Road Amalgamation (from Cambridge)

£ 4,200

  • 1-Day Millbrook Dynamic Driving Masterclass*

£ 1,110

  • 2-Day Millbrook Dynamic Driving Masterclass*

£ 2,160

  • 3-Day Millbrook Dynamic Driving Masterclass*

£ 3,240

  • *Optional ‘Wet Handling’ element to facilitate ‘over-limit’ skill development without significant tyre wear within the Dynamic Driving day at Millbrook:

£   144

Client Comments

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Total Control Masterclass but the quality and depth of the course is outstanding. From start to finish the focus was on improving my driving techniques and Ivan’s attention to detail is amazing. I can think of no way that this course could be improved.”
I. Sims

“This was up there with some of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I have been driving for 40 years and thought I knew how to handle any car but, from the first few minutes with you, I realised how little I actually knew! Your teaching style is completely straightforward and I very quickly understood the ‘science’ of braking, steering, positioning and power. I can now fully enjoy my new M5 and am completely stunned at its capabilities. What a waste it would have been if I hadn’t been on your course – it should be an absolute ‘condition of purchase’ instigated by all manufacturers of high performance vehicles. I will most certainly be back.”
T. Harper

“If you had told me in advance the amount I would learn in the two days I would never have believed you – my driving has become so much smoother, safer and more enjoyable since the course, and the technical and observational skills you taught me have made a fantastic difference. For anyone considering taking this course I would advise you to do it – you don’t need to be a petrol-head or boy racer (I’m definitely neither) to get a lot out of it. Ivan instils confidence, and you will get so much more out of your car, even in day-to-day driving conditions.”
Dr J. Tanqueray

“I really appreciated your explanations, the level of detail, and relevance to my vehicle’s performance. You’ve certainly heightened my appreciation of the balance of the vehicle, the loading on the tyres, and how to gain the most feedback – in practice, opening the envelope of both performance and safety. My initial objectives were to explore both the car’s and my own limits, learning more about us both to allow me to get the most from our time together: job done!”
M. Baillie

I would be delighted to help you develop the skills needed to safely and thoroughly enjoy your Nissan GTR and look forward to hearing further from you.

Best Regards


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