High Performance Principles

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The Core Team

All our trainers have long backgrounds with high performance vehicles and sports car drivers, both at manufacturer level and with private individuals, plus the passion and commitment to ensure you get exactly what you want from time with us. As you would expect, we are top grade (i.e. Grade 6 or the new Grade A) Approved Driving Instructors, each holding the RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction with Distinction and have passed RoSPA’s Advanced Driving Test at the highest Gold level at least 5 times. Our training style is gentle, relaxed and engaging; all about you and your car.

Ivan Thompsett

Lead Trainer


Rob Colbourn



Ian Halton


“It has been my privilege and pleasure to help sports car drivers develop safe, smooth and rapid driving techniques for over 15 years. Running BMW’s M Power Institute back in the days of the E39 M5, and working with the likes of Ian Halton, developed my own driving and served as the inspiration for what I do now. Before forming Total Car Control, I first worked 5 years in a freelance capacity on numerous high performance training teams, including for AMG and Lotus, plus returning to the M Power Institute for BMW’s M3 CSL programme, and was fortunate to be fast-tracked to Porsche’s ‘senior team’ of 12 driving consultants.

Working away from home so very much of the time was not ideal with a young family, so the decision was taken to start our own business to enable me to get home most evenings, and All Road Training was launched in 2008; providing advanced driver training to companies throughout the UK (with key clients including HR Owen PLC), in addition to high performance driving courses for sports car drivers. With both sides of the business flourishing, Total Car Control Ltd came in to its own in 2012. What really motivates me now is seeing those I coach develop a real understanding of their cars and the confidence and techniques to enjoy them to the full.”

“From humble beginnings racking up 80,000 miles a year as a van driver, when my skill didn’t always match my enthusiasm, I qualified as a driving instructor some 15 years ago. 2 months into the job my life changed when I met Bernard Aubry; the famed Porsche driving instructor who helped set up driving courses for Porsche AFN and was once described to me by 1970 Le Mans Winner, Richard Attwood, as “Simply the best road instructor in the country”. He completely revolutionised my own view of driving and inspired me in a way that I hadn’t conceived or experienced before. Quite simply, I was thunderstruck by the deeper sense of satisfaction in my driving he had ignited.

Over the following years up to and since his retirement, Bernard became a close friend and mentor, always inspiring me, and my aim now is to replicate that inspiration in each and every client I have the pleasure of sitting with. Working with Ivan and Ian is truly a privilege, as they worked alongside Bernard at Porsche and continue to uphold the same values in their work with TCC clients. To be considered the ‘newboy’ with only 15 years’ coaching experience and just 7 years’ service at Porsche under my belt really emphasizes the quality and experience of the team at Total Car Control.”

“With a background in Mechanical & Production Engineering, I left the aerospace industry to begin driver training as an HGV instructor some 30 years ago. During 11 years working at an RITIB approved training centre, I was fortunate enough to not only gain a wealth of experience in training across a wide range of vehicles, but also gained qualifications to teach in cars and HGVs to an advanced level; as well as Advanced Driving Certificates for Car, HGV & Motorcycle.

Focusing on high performance driver training since 1996, I carry out specific driver training for a wide variety of clients including the motor industry for engineer/test driver training and provide training in many high performance cars for the motoring press as well as owners of supercars. Having first worked with Ivan on BMW’s M Power Institute in 2001 and then at Porsche, I particularly enjoy the professionalism and commitment to training that is bespoke to each client that is the guiding principle at TCC.”