High Performance Principles

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Starting with a day of Dynamic Handling to explore your car’s characteristics, attributes and limitations in a controlled environment, then building on this solid foundation by translating the techniques mastered to On-Road application.

Just you, your car, an expert trainer and great venues

Drive to your full potential, and that of your car

Safely develop great skill and confidence

Bespoke courses: all about what you want to achieve

Course Content

Having worked hard to earn your sports car, now protect your investment by gaining total control. Whether you have just bought your first high performance car or are already highly experienced and wanting to move to a higher plane, we can help. Being a fully bespoke service, each course is tailored to what you want from time with us, yet here are some key ways in which we can help you…

  • Understand the physical forces acting upon your vehicle and how your actions as a driver affect its behaviour, so as to optimise handling.
  • Fine-tune your use of the accelerator, brakes and steering so as to master techniques including high-speed cornering, trail-braking and left-foot braking as appropriate.
  • Enhance understanding and best use of your transmission, whether through heel-and-toe downshifts in a manual or accurate paddle-shifting in an automated manual.
  • Learn skid control and avoidance, plus wet weather handling.
  • If desired, master the graceful art and finesse of power-sliding or drifting.
  • Consolidate emergency avoidance techniques, in case one day needed to escape another driver’s mistake.
  • Discover how to take full advantage of your car’s handling and active safety technology.
  • Then translate the skills mastered in the contained environment of the proving ground to the open road for ultimate control on every journey.
  • Optimise how you use the road in many different conditions to enable safe speed and progress.
  • How to effectively manage space and time, creating your own ‘safety bubble’ to protect yourself and your car.
  • Gaining and giving information, including accurately judging the optimum speed through any given corner.
  • Discover how to positively influence the decisions and actions of other road users for your own benefit.
  • Advanced observation, anticipation and planning skills, to help you always be in the right place at the right time.
  • Master safe and subtle overtaking techniques on all road types.
  • Take full command of your wider driving environment, not just your car.
  • In short, develop your real-world driving skills to an extremely high level, able to safely enjoy the performance of your sports car year round, in all conditions.

Every time I park the car on the drive, I now want to fire the engine up and go straight back out for a drive! That’s what this course has done for me.

M. Stonier

I really can’t recommend the Total Control Masterclass highly enough.

R. Brandon

For anyone that has a high performance car and a desire to learn what it can do, and what they can do to get more out of it, this is a must do.   

M. McDonald-Ruden

I now understand my 911 much better and have gained the knowledge and techniques to fully enjoy it every day; something which I look forward to continue building on with Ivan over the years to come.

A. Sealey

In three very different full-day sessions, I learnt more about my car, the road, and about me and how I can be better, than I would have thought possible.

J. Binns

If you had told me in advance the amount I would learn in the two days I would never have believed you – my driving has become so much smoother, safer and more enjoyable since the course.

Dr J. Tanqueray

I learned more in 2 days (one day at Millbrook Proving Ground, one day on the road) than I have in 40 years driving and 5 years of track driving.


Training Format

High performance driver coaching that is all about you and your car
  • Courses are available midweek and at weekends.
  • Your course will be just that – yours: we never expect you to share any element of your course with other clients.
  • Training is usually run on a one-to-one format, though you are welcome to share your course with a partner.
  • We can also accommodate group courses using several or more trainers; ideal for owners’ clubs.
  • Your car will have individual handling traits which are important to understand, hence all training will be conducted in your own car for ultimate benefit.

Training Locations

The first day of a Total Control Masterclass focusses on dynamic handling, usually at Milbrook Proving Ground which features track facilities which are amongst the finest in the world.

Located near Bedford and just an hour from London, Millbrook is a 700 acre site that includes some of the most interesting, dynamically challenging and ultimately rewarding driving roads to be found.  Specifically designed and built for rigorously testing and developing new cars, the various test tracks are based upon genuine roads; making them far more useful for high performance driver training than any racing circuit, let alone old airfield.

Day two translates the many skills and techniques developed at Milbrook into everyday application on real roads. We generally use a broad mixture of interesting and reasonably quiet roads around either Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire, or Berkshire and the Cotswolds to help you perfect a hugely rewarding, swift and safe driving style.

Whilst we have clients from around the world visiting us for training in the UK, we can also deliver Masterclasses abroad as and where appropriate.

Price and Booking

Secure your bespoke Masterclass today and start enjoying your sports car to the full.
14 hours of intensive coaching to transform your driving and engagement with your sports car.
Includes lunch and refreshments each day.

£1,400 + VAT