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High Performance Driving Masterclasses

Bespoke driver training ensuring the fastest way to develop and improve your driving skills, technique and knowledge.

Our Driver Training Courses

This bespoke service is all about you and your car, making your driving so much more engaging, enjoyable and rewarding.

Dynamic Driving

Dynamic Handling Masterclass Driver Training

from £1,320 inc VAT

Track only

Extend your driving limits and explore the true potential of your sports car by mastering high performance skills away from public roads, on track at Millbrook Proving Ground.

Total Control Driving Masterclass

Total Control Masterclass Driver Training

from £1,980 inc VAT

Track and public roads

The ultimate combination of mastering swift and safe performance driving skills on track at Millbrook, and then applying them to ‘real world’ conditions on public roads.

Using world class UK facilities, your course is tailored to your precise requirements and existing ability, and to what you drive. We’ll help you master the key techniques necessary to safely enjoy so much more of your car’s performance, more of the time.

See what our clients say

We are committed to providing you with an unrivalled service in high performance driver coaching, so it’s gratifying that our clients agree.

Recent Clients’ Cars

About Total Car Control

Our coaching style is gentle, patient, fun and engaging; delivered at an intensity that you control and at a level tailored to your existing ability.

One-to-one masterclasses are usually with company owner and lead coach, Ivan Thompsett; full-time performance driving specialist since 2003:

  • Solely with own clients since 2008
  • Previously a Senior Porsche Driving Consultant; BMW M Power Institute instructor and programme manager; AMG Driving Specialist; Lotus Performance Instructor etc.
  • Grade A (formerly Grade 6) Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)
  • RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Driving Instruction (Distinction)
  • RoSPA Gold Advanced Driving Test (5 times)

Supporting Ivan, we also have a team of experienced and talented performance driving specialists for group bookings and events.

Ivan Thompsett - Lead Driving Coach
Ivan Thompsett

Ivan Thompsett – Lead Coach
Total Car Control Ltd.

High Performance Principles

Download your FREE e-book and immerse yourself in knowledge that you can start applying to your driving right away

7 Steps toward Total Car Control

Crammed with straight-talking tips and techniques to make your driving all the more engaging, more enjoyable, and more rewarding. Our e-book was borne of a desire to freely share key advice that will give you at least a taste of what you can expect to gain from coaching with us.

Please be assured that your details are safe with us: we hate spam as much as you do, and will never share your information with anyone.

I enjoyed your book immensely; and anybody would get something out of it. Everything in your book has enabled me to communicate with my car much better and feel everything it tells me.

S. Boland

Your e-book is brilliant. I was just reading it for the third time! I think I have read everything published about advanced driving and watched all the DVDs, but yours is the best I have found.

Dr A. Lennox
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