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Clearly, you’re looking to take your driving to a significantly higher level, developing your existing skills and learning new techniques, so as to gain the maximum enjoyment from your car that only comes with being in total control. And just like many enthusiastic drivers before you, it’s highly likely that you’ll be surprised (maybe even shocked) as to just how much you will gain from time with us:

“I really did not believe that I could learn that much about driving, and am a little embarrassed as I thought I already knew a fair bit.”
D. Westinghouse

“If you had told me in advance the amount I would learn in the two days I would never have believed you – my driving has become so much smoother, safer and more enjoyable since the course.”
Dr J. Tanqueray

You may well already be an extremely skillful driver, with years of experience in high performance sports cars, and be wondering just what else there is to gain from coaching. The honest answer is that we don’t know, not until we at least speak with you to understand your own objectives and driving ambitions. All we can say is that, from our hundreds of clients, we have yet to find one that we cannot help; whose driving was already so good that they left having not significantly benefited from our coaching:

“So, putting male ego aside, what do I think? Well, I think it’s a must for all, even those reading this thinking “I don’t need training, I’m a driving god”. Trust me, whatever standard you are at or think you are at, you will learn so much and get so much more enjoyment out of your Supercar than you thought possible.
Millbrook is an absolute treat not to be missed, and the fast road course deals with real life driving situations. Ivan is a great guy and a brilliant instructor, he’s really easy to get on with and has a great manner of advising and guiding so you develop at your own pace. I have no doubt that I am smoother, faster and safer after taking this brilliant course.”
Supercar Driver magazine

“Ivan brings out the best in you, and gently polishes off the worst in you with a smile and positive encouragement. I can clearly state that I have had a far greater return on investment in what I paid for my car versus enjoyability since my time with Total Car Control.”
D. Thompson

It’s imperative that you gain what you want from performance driver coaching.  This is why we will tailor your course to your specific objectives (if you have any that is, and not everyone does; some just have a nebulous desire to be a better driver, and we can work with that too).  We’ll then run your Masterclass at your pace, in a way that best suits your preferred learning style:

“I could not recommend this course more strongly and wish to thank you for your excellent and sympathetic instruction, for tailoring the course specifically to my needs and for giving me so much fun.”
J. Rodwell

“Initially I was apprehensive about the course being too simplistic or focused on traditional driving techniques, however I needn’t have worried.  The course was perfectly judged for my level of experience, being challenging and yet hugely rewarding from start to finish.  I came away feeling that my driving had significantly improved, that I can get more out of my GT4 on track and road, more safely, more of the time.”
J. Carey

We understand that every client is unique, each with their own personal combination of experience, ability, knowledge and ambitions; which is why your Masterclass is all about you and your car, and will be delivered in such a way as to give you precisely what you want from time with us.  As such, there is no rigid structure to our coaching; this really is a bespoke service from the point of your initial enquiry right through to the Key Learning Points that you’ll receive after your Masterclass:

“The time taken to understand what I wanted to get from the sessions, your ability to adapt the content to help achieve my objectives, and the constructive feedback was invaluable.”
G. Doran

“It was just so good because Ivan asked me exactly what I wanted to achieve and gain from the course – and then he simply and skilfully crafted the day around my ideals and expectations; which were to be sharper, faster, safer, to understand the limits of the car AND the driver, and to maximise my enjoyment of my Audi R8 V10 Plus to the full.
As time went on and many small but key adjustments were made and smoothed out, almost massaging away the roughness and injecting silk and finesse, the car became easier and better to drive; better than ever – absolutely awesome in fact. And faster, so much faster.”
T. Burrow

Just because someone can drive incredibly well does not necessarily mean that they can help others improve.  Driving to a very high standard is an art form, and so too is effective, memorable and enjoyable coaching.  Experience is vital of course, but it has to be the right sort of experience, at the right level.

At TCC, our trainers each have at least 15 years’ directly relevant experience, helping drivers like you to understand and safely enjoy to the full their sports or performance cars.  We have all spent valuable years working for sports car manufacturers, such as Porsche, Lotus and AMG.

Importantly, we are also legally qualified…  The Road Traffic Act 1974 stipulates that anyone who instructs others for reward must be an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).  Now, the ADI qualification in its own right is primarily aimed at the learner driver market; which is about as far as it’s possible to get from our own activity.  Yet this baseline qualification is not an option in our industry, it’s a legal mandate.  Though most within TCC have never worked with learner drivers, we hold the qualification at the highest standard; and built on that with further, optional advanced instructional diplomas.

Choosing the right driver coach is imperative to giving you maximum benefit and value from your course:

“Any good and well planned class is only as good as the teacher, and this is where Ivan really comes up trumps. He is informative but not long winded, has multiple methods and teaching techniques at his disposal and countless resources. It really is a case of the teacher can make all the difference.”
W. Lester (who happens to be an ADI himself, albeit working with learner drivers)

“It truly was a “Total Control Masterclass” conducted by a genuine Master of his craft. As others have commented, your course is the best value-for-money improvement anyone can make to their car.”
J. Marchant

No doubt your life is hectic; probably balancing the demands of work and family, making it hard to find the time for things that might be considered a slightly selfish luxury.  Driver coaching may therefore seem like a great idea, but not necessarily something that is high priority.

We get that.  And yet one of the most frequent comments we hear from customers once they have spent time with us, is that they only wish they had done it sooner.

You bought your sports car for the pleasure it gives you; that tingle of excitement and sense of wellbeing every time you walk up to it and slide into the driver’s seat.  Now imagine how good you are going to feel when you have the knowledge and techniques to safely explore your car’s full potential, and indeed your own.

You’ve invested in your sports car; a great start.  Spending just a day or two with Total Car Control is time to invest in yourself, and make permanent improvements that take your driving skill and enjoyment to a whole new level:

My driving is now definitely quicker and safer having taken the course. I think about driving in a different way. I see the roads differently and the way I position the car and adjust its balance is something I wish I had learned a long time ago.”
M. Bates

“This course was definitely a life changing experience for me, one that has changed my whole outlook on the road and driving. Driving well is a priceless skill and taking this course was one of the best decisions I will ever make with regards to cars.”
J. Roth

Chances are, it’s taken you years of hard work to get where you are in life, and to be driving a car powerful enough to make you realise that our coaching could be helpful.  If so, the last thing you want to be doing is placing your pride and joy at risk, or abusing it mechanically.

There is no reason why you should need to do any more than fill up with fuel, check levels and give your car a wash at the end of your time with us.  Our ethos is all about helping you safely enjoy your sports car to the full by working in harmony with it, not battling against it:

“I really started to feel the car and understand its actions and behaviour. My driving became much more confident, faster and safer. I stopped fighting with the car to drive fast, and instead started to drive fast together with my car.”
N. Tkachenko

There is absolutely zero pressure to drive your car in any way that you do not wish to, or to drive any faster than you want to (we’re there to hugely stretch your comfort zone, not shatter it).  Of course, we won’t be holding you back either if you do wish to drive very quickly and really explore the limits of your car; always within safe parameters in a controlled environment under expert coaching.

If you would like to explore your car’s behaviour at and beyond the edge of the grip envelope, understanding and responding to front and/or rear wheel skids, we offer you the option of soaking the Dynamics Pad at Millbrook.  This serves to significantly reduce grip levels, making it easier for your car to break traction, and to do so without placing significant stress on your vehicle’s powertrain or expensive tyres.

We will treat both you and your car with total respect at all times.  In describing our service as ‘bespoke performance driver coaching’, we mean that this is your course.  Our role is to ensure that you take away from it exactly what you want, whilst being kind to your car in the process:

“I really appreciated your explanations, the level of detail, and relevance to my vehicle’s performance. You’ve certainly heightened my appreciation of the balance of the vehicle, the loading on the tyres, and how to gain the most feedback – in practice, opening the envelope of both performance and safety. My initial objectives were to explore both the car’s and my own limits, learning more about us both to allow me to get the most from our time together: job done!”
M. Baillie

If you have another pressing question that needs answering before you feel comfortable in committing to coaching, or should you want further detail in any of the answers above, simply email or call 01953 459565.

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