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Performance Driving

Total Car Control is headed by Ivan Thompsett; a full-time performance driving specialist since 2003. He’s written and published the well received “High Performance Principles” book and is generally regarded as an industry expert in improving driving skills with a focus on high performance cars. With that in mind, if you’re looking for regular and leading driving tips you’ve come to the right place. Browse our articles below for all the latest tips and advice for improving your driving.

An introduction to the art of trail braking

Picture this: You're behind the wheel of your sports car, the engine burbling with anticipation, the open road ahead of…

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Weight transfer in driving

We will tackle a topic crucial to understanding the dynamics of driving - weight transfer. If you're a sports car…

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Diagram of understeering

Understeer vs Oversteer. What are they? and how to control them

Whilst all sports car drivers are familiar with the terms understeer and oversteer, there appear to be many misconceptions as…

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Red Convertible

Optimum speed into bends

This is all about ‘reading the road’ and understanding visual limit points. The limit point is our furthest uninterrupted view…

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High Performance Principles

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I enjoyed your book immensely; and anybody would get something out of it. Everything in your book has enabled me to communicate with my car much better and feel everything it tells me.

S. Boland

Your e-book is brilliant. I was just reading it for the third time! I think I have read everything published about advanced driving and watched all the DVDs, but yours is the best I have found.

Dr A. Lennox
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