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Dynamic Handling Driving Course Review

It’s unusual for me to give a glowing recommendation to any service provider, but in the case of Ivan (and Total Car Control) I’ve felt the need to break with tradition.

As someone who recently caught the driving bug, and being the owner of my first entry level sports car (Toyota GT86), I wanted to develop my skills to enjoy the car to its potential, and do so in a way that’s safe for both myself and others. I came across Total Car Control and gave Ivan a call. From that time forward I was confident I’d made the right choice; Ivan took the time to understand exactly what I wanted to achieve, and his no pressure approach to offering his services was appreciated. His recommendation of accommodation close to Millbrook was also excellent!

On the day of the course I was nervous, but within minutes of meeting Ivan it was clear just how much of a professional he was – he knew more about my car than I did. We started the day with a conversation where Ivan introduced me to some of the science and theory underpinning Dynamic Handling, and then we hit the road and the fun really started! Over the next 5 hours Ivan took me through cornering, trail braking, planning corners, throttle control, emergency braking and avoidance and high speed driving. His patience as my skills developed through the day was appreciated, and yet at no stage did I feel I was coasting – he really did push me as hard as I was willing to push myself.

By the end of the day I’d driven a car faster than I ever had, more safely than I ever had and importantly, I felt as though I could enjoy my car in a way I never would have done prior to the Dynamic Handling Masterclass. If you’re in any doubt about taking a course with Ivan and TCC, simply ignore the doubt, book the course, and you will have one of the most exhilarating, challenging and empowering experiences behind the wheel you could wish for. The maxim “The best modification you can make to a car is the driver” definitely held true for me.

C. Rowe

…one of the most exhilarating, challenging and empowering experiences behind the wheel you could wish for….

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