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Dynamic Driving Masterclass
Performance Handling Course Review

I spent two days in the company of Ivan, back in October ‘21, and have only just managed to get to write a few words of praise, thanks and admiration for what were the best two days of driving/instruction I can honestly say I have ever had! Ivan is a fantastic instructor/trainer who is more than happy to share his many years of experience to help you get the most from your time with him, and get the most from your vehicle as well. From his years competing in rallying and driving with some of the world’s best performance car manufacturers, he draws on such a wealth of knowledge and delivers it in a manner which is easy to understand and take on board.

I wish I had discovered Total Car Control many years earlier, which would have helped me improve my driving style and technique before too many ‘bad habits’ had taken hold. However, now that I have, I am sure to be back, time and time again to improve not only my driving ability, but also my enjoyment of each and every journey I take in future.

E. Mason

Ivan has totally reinvigorated my love of driving. Patiently, calmly and with admirable good-humour, Ivan showed me where I was going wrong and how to get the most out of the car – safely. It feels like a great investment and I wish I’d done it ages ago.

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