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Total Control Masterclass Driving Course Review

My primary need was to develop confidence in my first fast car, and wanted to ensure I didn’t gain false confidence. I wanted to learn the limits of the car (e.g. when it will lose traction round a corner). Everything on the test tracks of Millbrook was relevant and made me aware there’s much more to learn about driving than I was aware of. I had a lot of fun and learned some of the limits of the car. Emergency braking and avoiding on the Mile Straight is something I try to keep in my mind – I might need it one day. The most useful track by far for me personally was the figure-8, where we explored under and over steer. I definitely learned a lot on that one.

Out on the public roads on the second day gave me the most value as my head was swimming with info to take away at the end. I’ve since done 5000 miles in 3 months and have a very different driving behaviour thanks to our sessions. In particular, I have a much broader awareness all around me and plan early for other road users’ actions: I drive fast when there’s space and play safe in the proximity of other cars.

I was recently pulled over by the police when driving rapidly. The officer noted that I was respecting other drivers and slowed right down when passing cars, only speeding up when it was clear. He didn’t even tell me not to speed, just complemented my Jag and then sent me on my way – my old style of driving would have got me a ticket no doubt, so thanks!

On a personal level, my first impression was that you have lots of experience and are very affable, friendly and down to earth. You engendered trust very early and made me feel at ease even though I was clearly a total novice and it would have been easy to make me feel intimidated. This was very important, as it enabled me to ‘override’ my own instincts and follow your direction when assessing and planning fast bends etc, against my own initial judgement. I then learnt a new way to think about driving – result!

J. Erven

…I learnt a new way to think about driving – result!…

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