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High Performance Driving Course Review

I recently bought my dream car and was aware that the best thing I could do towards enjoying it in the most safe and appropriate way was to get professional driver training. I did the usual Google search and came across Total Car Control and called Ivan. I’m so glad I did. Ivan is an expert and deep listener. He worked out my attitude towards driving and what I would want to achieve at the end of the day. In my case that was understanding the limits of the car for any given situation, thereby instilling the sixth sense and confidence to enjoy the car on public roads in a safe and legal way. I wanted to treat the car as an instrument that, before meeting Ivan, I could kind of “play”, strum a bit and know a few chords but I knew I was no Jeff Beck or Carlos Santana! Back to cars, I aspired to be able to drive in the way I had read how Jackie Stewart drives – fast, smooth with very little inputs. Ivan gets that 100%.

So I booked my first day which was a mixture of on the road and a few hours at Millbrook. Conditions were cold and icy – ideal for learning about a powerful rear wheel drive car with summer tyres! To cut a long story short, Ivan taught me things about cars and driving that I had never considered. He is expert in giving feedback. After just a day’s training, my drive home was radically different. I gained a great respect for the car. I felt much more in control and confident about what the car was doing in response to my inputs, always having a safe space, how the car will behave in extreme circumstances, how to avoid those circumstances in the first place, letting the car’s technology take control in a way no human being (apart from a pro driver) could emulate and just having a better “feel” for the car; almost like a dance partner. My driving and enjoyment – in any car – has improved hugely but I am aware I need more training; 1 day with Ivan is a very good introduction but there are some coaching points I’d still like to work on with Ivan. “Driving” the car has a new meaning now – it’s all about my inputs. Brilliant value for money and someone always to keep in touch with. Hugely recommended!

P. Soor

…Brilliant value for money and someone always to keep in touch with. Hugely recommended!…

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