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How To Become A Better, Safer & Faster Driver

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Over 50 pages of practical advice and specific techniques that will make driving your performance car even more enjoyable and rewarding. And it’s yours, with my compliments.

  • Step 1: The Perfect Driving Position
  • Step 2: Traction Matters
  • Step 3: A Balancing Act
  • Step 4: Vision & Planning
  • Step 5: Accelerating, Braking & Gear-Shifting
  • Step 6: Steering & Cornering
  • Step 7: Controlling Understeer & Oversteer

I enjoyed your book immensely; and anybody would get something out of it. Everything in your book has enabled me to communicate with my car much better and feel everything it tells me.

S. Boland

Your e-book is brilliant. I was just reading it for the third time! I think I have read everything published about advanced driving and watched all of the DVDs, but yours is the best summary I have come across.

Dr A. Lennox

Owning any great
car is so much more
fun when you enjoy
total car control

Ivan Thompsett, Author